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“Do what you love, and the necessary resources will follow.” –Fortune Cookie
Pogoda is making her dreams reality, and the result is visibly apparent to everyone around her. An artist of many mediums, her addiction to detail and inherent need to entertain have been key driving forces in creating a syn-esthetic experience of vision and sound.
On the road to self-discovery, she’s acquired a diverse array of work experience and training. From a degree in Broadcast Journalism to video editing to promotional marketing, to dance, to crafting and construction, Pogoda has managed to infuse her creative spirit into many industries and applications. It wasn’t until she discovered the electronic music scene, that she realized her calling as a Live Visual Artist. It’s been about 5 years since Pogoda was first was inspired to start VJ-ing, and during that time she has performed alongside a vast array of extremely talented artists and DJs at every kind of venue and event from underground warehouse parties to festivals and massives to upscale nightclubs and even museums.
When not performing, Pogoda spends much of her time experimenting with projection mapping and creating new video content both on location and in the studio.


Revolvr vs Pogoda – Pulse [A Live Visual Experience] (Performed Live) from Revolvr on Vimeo.

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