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Jon Goodhue

At the age of 14, recieving an electric guitar for Christmas, changed the lifestyle of a young Jon Goodhue forever. Jon first performed in a live setting at an open mic in his hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts when he was 17 in 2001. Just him and his guitar, and performing only a few songs, his small crowd knew his potential. For the next few years, Jon would continue to strengthen on the guitar, but what became the weapon was his vocals. “I never expected to be a singer, I had always just wanted to the learn the guitar, and run around on stage like Angus Young.” In 2005, Jon formed the band Beyond The Grey. With BTG, Jon was able find his niche writing and performing new songs. The band was playing several venues across New England, filling up venues in Jon’s hometown. “We’d play for three hours a show, both our originals and a bunch of covers. It was good because we were writing material we wanted people to hear, and we also learned a crazy amount of cover songs that helped us out on our instruments, and some songs really worked my vocals.”

When Beyond The Grey broke up in 2007, Jon pursued a solo project, and spent hours in his own built studio. He compiled songs he wrote over the past few years and released his debut solo album “Release Me” in 2008. Songs off the album quickly rose to liking, from the bass groove in ‘Sunlight Hits Your Eyes’, to the epicness of ‘Evergreen’. Songs appeared on independent films, and recieved much online praise. Only one month after releasing this disc, Jon moved to Southern California to continue pursuing music. He brought ‘Release Me’ with him and formed The Jon Goodhue Band in San Diego, performing songs off his debut album at venues such as The Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy in Hollywood.

In early 2011, Jon released a second album, “FLUX”. With more heavier guitar riffs, and ranging vocals, “FLUX” was a showcase of years of strengthening musically, and melodical maturity. In late 2011, with the help of manager and close family member, Marc Devoe, Jon’s music reached the ears of Gorilla Biscuits owner, and bassist of P.O.D., Traa Daniels. Daniels, seeing potential in Goodhue, recorded, produced, and performed on Jon’s EP, “All In” which was released in June 2012. “All In” can be purchased at live shows and be purchased online on all online retailers.


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